I recently began transferring analogue tape recordings of my radio shows during the 1990s to a digital format. The process is tedious, but at the same time has brought back many memories including being instructed by the sales team to work with prospective clients to create branded segments to generate additional revenue. In early 1997 I ended up producing and presenting a weekly segment featuring the fun-loving owner […]


The backside of a front cover

I look forward to receiving my monthly dose of Runner’s World South Africa. It’s one of the few magazines I read from cover to cover. On the front cover this month is South African marathoner and Olympic medal hopeful, René Kalmer. And featured on the inside front cover is a manipulated version of the front cover scene, featuring René Kalmer’s […]

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Waving South Africa’s flag on the British high street

I didn’t expect to see a Bidvest logistics truck or Fry’s vegetarian burger patties during a morning stroll through a town in the United Kingdom (UK). The Bidvest truck driver delivered beer, wine and food to a pub. My favourite Fry’s vegetarian burgers (made in KwaZulu-Natal) are available in a health store just a block away from the pub. The Waitrose supermarket across […]

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