Another beautiful morning in Johannesburg

I can smell autumn in the air. It is evident in the subtle colour changes across the bright Jozi sky. There is a slight chill in the air.

I felt this chill at around 5.30am on Sunday morning. It is not a civilised time to be out of bed, but I was on a mission to capture the sunrise and the city skyline.  A friend joined the dawn expedition. We were hoping to make it to Kensington.

The top of Norfolk Road is probably the best spot to capture the skyline from the south-east, with Ponte and Hillbrow Tower to the right. We were heading out from the northern suburbs and running behind schedule. The sun wasn’t going to wait for us, so we opted for the mall of Rosebank’s roof top parking.

This elevated location offers a great view of the city, as well as Westcliff and Northcliff. I can’t say we did the view or the art of photography any  justice, but it was a hazy morning and we had big breakfast in Parkhurst at the back of our minds. The breakfast was the winner on a chilly Jozi morning!

2 thoughts on “Another beautiful morning in Johannesburg

  1. I live in Kensington and one of the best things about the shorter days are the sunrises on my early morning run. I usually run up Ernest road and try to time reaching the top with the sunrise. It’s not as impressive a view of Jhb as you got from Norfolk, but I’ve seen some fantastic sunrises looking out towards Kelvin power station. It’s worth the freezing cold in the middle of winter to see those.

  2. I live in Germany and I can smell spring in the air :o)

    I can`t wait to see all the beautifull flowers.
    Today we had nearly 20° Celsius…

    I don`t know what to say – my english… :o(

    Best wishes to Jozi (I like this Name :o) )
    Bye Claudi

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