Minding the mud

It was 9:26pm last Saturday evening on a dark gravel track in the middle of the Wendover Woods in the Chiltern Hills.  The temperature had hit freezing point earlier in the day and I had been on my feet for over 13 hours traversing through mud, climbing hills and making new friends. I had stopped […]

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I recently began transferring analogue tape recordings of my radio shows during the 1990s to a digital format. The process is tedious, but at the same time has brought back many memories including being instructed by the sales team to work with prospective clients to create branded segments to generate additional revenue. In early 1997 I ended up producing and presenting a weekly segment featuring the fun-loving owner […]



My wife and I spent months researching the perfect car for a weekend getaway, emergency trip to the vet and the occasional recycling depot visit. The car we eventually settled on was a controversial choice as it was a model many of our friends, professional reviewers and, even, strangers described as ‘Marmite’. People either love or […]


My shared taxi ‘experiment’

I eagerly caught up on an array of TED podcasts on a recent Friday evening flight. Unsurprisingly,  Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s TED 2016 presentation focused on regulation, technology and Uber’s mission to decrease congestion and pollution through its uberPool ride-sharing service. He didn’t disappoint, but my favourite part of his talk was a history lesson about the sharing […]

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Lost and found

Cate and I were about to go on holiday to Cornwall. We were ready for an epic road trip and relaxing break. She dropped off our dogs at a boarding kennel about twenty miles from our home in London. Our holiday plans suddenly changed when we received a call to inform us our oldest dog had escaped. We spent […]

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Today’s annual Thanksgiving celebration prompted me to write down all the things I’m grateful for. Life is precious, but one can easily lose perspective and sweat the small stuff. The following four examples are part of a long list I wrote down this Thanksgiving evening: This internet connection: It’s not the fastest connection, but I’m able to access WordPress […]

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