World Cup fever hits South Africa

It is finally here. The day South Africa puts on the biggest show ever to hit the African continent. I didn’t need an alarm clock to get out of bed on this chilly Jo’burg morning. I awoke to the sounds of Vuvuzelas trumpeting triumphantly, edging on the South African team (also known as Bafana Bafana) who are staying at a hotel not far from my apartment.

It may be an overcast day in Johannesburg, but the energy is electric. The buildup to the opening game culminated in a carnival-like atmosphere this week. As my office is based in Sandton, I managed to capture these images from the surrounding streets and Nelson Mandela Square.

Buzz around World Cup 2010 in Sandton, Johannesburg

South African fans gather in Sandton, Johannesburg to cheer on Bafana Bafana

One of my favourite moments was a Mexican and South African fan sing-a-long. The singing was terrible. The atmosphere was magic!

I am a proud South African.  This country has come so far since 1994.I feel we have already won the World Cup.  This is nation building at its very best. Viva South Africa viva!

One thought on “World Cup fever hits South Africa

  1. Wow, it looks amazing! We can’t wait for it to start here, especially tomorrow’s game for England. I hope our fans behave themselves and don’t embarrass our nation.
    Have a fab time!

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