One of my favourite memories of the past year was visiting Madeira. It’s a beautiful place and reaffirmed my passion for exploring islands.

An archipelago made up of four islands off the north west coast of Africa, Madeira is likely best known for its wine and as the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo.

For me, it’s best remembered for its enchanting vistas, breathtaking trail running and walking routes, and temperate weather.

I especially loved an epic 12.5 km trail run from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo along technical single track and through a number of tunnels.

Click on the video above to get a feel of the run and Madeira. Daniel Ferreira of Go Trail Madeira is an excellent guide who helped me navigate some extreme climbs and memorable downhills.

Cate and I are planning to return to this autonomous region of Portugal. We are also keen to explore the Azores. If you are booking a Winter getaway, it’s just four hours from London with a Celsius gain of at least 12 degrees.

It’s the perfect spot to relax, reflect, and connect with nature.

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